Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulations

1.Race distances
Sprint individual and relay team
• Swim 750m meters
• Bike 20km (4 laps)
• Run 5km (1lap)

Olympic individual and relay team
• Swim1500 meters
• Bike 40km (8 laps)
• Run 10km (2 laps)

2. 0ver all Important Rules
• Athletes are NOT permitted to race with a bare torso (a bare chest) during running and cycling. Singlets and tri suits are allowed.

3. Swim Rules
• If athletes are in trouble, they should stop and raise their arm in the air so lifeguards can see them.
• Athletes can stop and rest but cannot move forward by pulling on pool walls, ropes, or other objects,
• No propulsive devices are permitted (e.g. flippers).

4. Transitions Rule
• Athletes must NOT touch their bikes until their helmets are fastened.
• Athletes must be polite and careful of other people's equipment.
• Athletes most NOT ride their bikes in transition.
• After the cycle, helmets must stay fastened until the bike is racked.

5. Bike Rules
• Athletes MUST wear helmets on the bike. No helmet, no ride, no exceptions.
• Drafting (riding right behind or beside another rider) is not permitted except in designated draft-legal events.
• Athletes must follow all road rules, even in races.
• Athletes must ride safely, under control, and be aware at all times on the bike.

6. Timing and race results
• Timing is manual so please help your race officials if they ask you about your bib number.
• Cut off time isn't implemented during the race but a race official can stop you if your misbehaving during the race
• A ceremony is followed when the race is closed and all the results are gathered.

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