Running for a Cause? Here we go! Saida International Marathon can be your ideal event to do a fundraising campaign for your cause. Whether fighting against a disease, promoting peace, education, or social wellbeing, people will be thrilled to participate for such noble causes.
Gather some of your team members, institutions, supporters to register under your cause; the more participants register, the more money you earn to support your cause. Participants can choose their race, and you can boost you cause through all the visibility platforms you wish to entertain during the race:
- Holding up special banners during the race
- Holding 3D decorated items representing your cause
- Putting on your own special outfit / Tshirts
- Using your social media platform to boost your cause and participation
- Benefit from the percentage allocated to NGOs

Adopt a runner for your cause and gather donations
- Get in contact with professional runners and ask them to pledge to your cause
- Create your pledging page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) stating the cause the runner is pledging for, add photos, videos, feeds about him and ask your friends to like, share, and to support your cause
- Daily training activity of the runner can be boosted on your social media to encourage people to donate for your cause
- On race day the runner would participate representing your NGO
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