Become a volunteer in the Saida International Marathon 2017
Be a part of the event!

Even if you are not a runner,you can still be a part of this event by joing our volunteering team!!

Volunteering is a way of giving back to your community while developing important social skills, and gaining valuable work experience all at the same time.But how exciting and fun can this experience be especially if it was sports related where you will have the opportunity of living the experience of the athletes during the race day.
Moreover, our volunteers are the crucial and essential asset that would make this event successful.Our success is based on you!

So,if you have an energetic,intelligent and work ethic personality and willing to indulge these skills in serving the community,then here you go,the Saida Marathon is your field. We are launching a volunteering program for the First Saida International Marathon.If you are interested,please dont hesitate to contact us and make sure to fill and submit the volunteering application online.

You will benefit the following:
- An official certificate of volunteering in the Saida Marathon
-A special access to the restricted areas during race day
-Food and beverages
-Connection and better understanding of our community
-Develop your leadership skills to have a good impact on your community
-Boost your self confidence and self esteem
-Promote your health and sense of activity
-Meet new people and make new friends
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